Hollingdean Parking

Blue Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

  • This Volkswagen van is another non-resident vehicle recognised for regularly using Hollingdean for free parking whilst the driver visits within the resident permit zones around Fiveways.

  • Non-residents using Hollingdean in this way add more pressure to the very congested corner of Hollingdean around Hollingbury Crescent, Adams Close, and Stanmer Park Road. This removes what little available parking should be available to the residents of Hollingdean whilst the owner could be using suitable permits for the area they are visiting, or using one of the many nearby pay and display spaces.

Photograph of BL60 FFB - a Blue Volkswagen Caddy Maxi parked in Hollingdean by a non-resident.
Map iconHollingbury Crescent (Hollingdean)

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