Hollingdean Parking

Black Vauxhall Astra

  • Residents report that SJ08 RXB uses Hollingdean for 'free' parking.

  • It is seemingly owned by a resident of the adjoining residents' parking zone: G, and is often left without moving for several weeks at a time.

  • Individuals using Hollingdean for 'free' parking in this manner is extremely common. Non-residents choose to park here and walk back and forth rather than obtain a permit for the area that they live in. Doing so takes away what little available parking there is for Hollingdean residents, unnecessarily adding to congestion and friction in the area.

Photograph of SJ08 RXB - a Black Vauxhall Astra parked in Hollingdean by a non-resident.
Map iconHollingbury Crescent (Hollingdean)

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