Hollingdean Parking

Silver Skoda Fabia

  • Residents report that this Skoda is often seen double-parked on Stanmer Park Road.

  • Instead of finding space to park their vehicle legally, this driver chooses to leave their car parked alongside another, in the middle of the road.

  • It is suggested that this car parks like this extremely frequently, and can often be left in this position for several days at a time, impeding traffic and blocking access up the road for larger vehicles (which has included ambulances and fire engines).

  • It is suspected that this vehicle may be connected to AJ12 FVF, which also parks in the same manner, on the same stretch of street.

Photograph of HN11 YUA - a Silver Skoda Fabia parked in Hollingdean by a non-resident.
Map iconStanmer Park Road (Hollingdean)

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