Hollingdean Parking


Blue Mini Cooper

  • This Mini displays an expired resident permit from an adjoining Zone; the expiry date aligns with the period residents first started spotting it left in Hollingdean.

  • It is fair to presume that this is a vehicle that belongs to a non-resident, where the owner has decided to store their vehicle in the 'free' parking in Hollingdean (taking away what little available parking there is for actual residents), rather than renew their own permit.

  • At the time of the survey, residents reported that GJ55 VMV had not moved in several months, and is another suspected abandoned vehicle.

Photograph of GJ55 VMV - a Blue Mini Cooper parked in Hollingdean by a non-resident, and potentially abandoned.
Map iconHollingbury Crescent (Hollingdean)

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