Hollingdean Parking


Black Honda Jazz

  • Residents report that this vehicle belongs to a family outside of Hollingdean.

  • For several weeks this Honda was left at the top of Hollingbury Crescent in varying states of disrepair. It is suggested that the owner had purchased it as a non-runner and then chose to repair the vehicle on the 'free' public road opposite their own home (in the permit zone).

  • For more than a week the vehicle sat without an engine, left precariously balanced on stands (with the wheels removed), above an overflowing pan collecting dripping oil.

  • The owner would then return irregularly to work on the car, still on the public road.

  • The vehicle was uninsured and untaxed throughout this period.

  • Eventually, the vehicle was evidently mobile again, at which point the owner started to use FY57 XYV more regularly, whilst continuing to park and store it in Hollingdean, rather than obtaining a permit for their own street.

  • The driver also often prefers to park on double yellows (and leave parked there for several days at a time).

  • It is understood that this vehicle also relates to FY57 XYV, which although a less-regular visitor to Hollingdean, parks in exactly the same fashion and appears to belong to the same family.

Photograph of FY57 XYV - a Black Honda Jazz parked in Hollingdean by a non-resident.
Map iconHollingbury Road (Zone G - Fiveways)

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